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Things to do in Phimai ?

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Things to do in Phimai

  • Phimai Night market , located on the street behind the clock tower, it mainly consists in food stalls. Certainly one of the nicest night markets in Thailand. A good plan for exploring the atmosphere and eating on the go for cheap.
  • Sleep in a homestay in Ban Prasat, welcomed into a family of villagers who are mostly farmers, you will share their daily cores and meals. Note that this program does not exist in low season (May-October). For information contact the village headman Thiam Laongklang 044 367 075 or TAT services.
  • The village classroom project offers you to discover a traditional village guided by the students delighted to have an opportunity to practice English. The program includes the visit to of community vegetable garden, a cooking classes to learn how to make a spicy papaya salad, the visit of Samrit Memorial Field and telling the story of Thao Suranaree and Boonleua ??the heroines of the province and of course meeting the villagers. Price 500 THB / person minimum 2 persons (including meals and transportation), for more information, Mr. Chunouan: 090 821 2658 ( / TheVillageClassroomProject)

Tours from Phimai

This selection includes tours, excursions and activities that I have personally tested or were tested by people I fully trust but also offers by recognized agencies or websites known for their seriousness and quality but from who I only have tested one or two of their offers (I then indicate (ad) below the photo). Feel free to give me feedback on these services to ensure that they are good quality otherwise I may remove it from the list.

Visit the Wonders of Phimai Historical Park
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Visit the Wonders of Phimai Historical Park

Visit the ancient Phimai temple of the Khmer period and see the Dan Kwian pottery village

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