Vans at Victory Monument in Bangkok will move

This is not yet a reality, but the disorder almost organized minivans to turn the Victory Monument in Bangkok is expected to end soon. Authorities in accordance with relevant organizations working on a project to replace it with a new terminal to decongest the place is a crossroads of traffic is important for both the individual vehicles as many bus lines running through it.


Victory Monument Bangkok
Vans at Victory Monument in Bangkok will move
The Transport Company Limited, the Department of Land Transport, the Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority (ETA) and the Traffic Police are studying where to install a new passenger terminal specific for minivans where all companies that are currently installed around the monument can be relocated. The CEO of the thai public transport company, Wuttichart Kalayanamit, said it was planned to use a property ETA space beneath the highway in the area Morleng Soi, near the Ratchaparok station, and capable host up to 1,000 vans. An application will also be made ​​to the State Railway of Thailand to use a space near Makkasan station. The area is currently under the ownership of Airport Rail Link. The two areas are served by Bangkok Airport Link which could provide a solution to the profitability issues of the line that connects the center of Bangkok’s to its main airport, Suvarnabhumi. Mr. Wuttichart said that if negotiations with ETA and SRT are successful, a design study will be launched for the construction of special terminal minivans. He expects all passenger vehicles be removed from the Victory Monument site in Bangkok in the next 3 to 6 months and hopes that the move will greatly ease traffic congestion in the area.

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