The 5 most polluted streets of Bangkok

Like most world capitals, Bangkok is a polluted city. With its legendary traffic and noisy tuk-tuks, the City of Angels has not the cleanest air in the country. Recently, the Department of Pollution Control has published the Top 5 of the most polluted streets of Bangkok.


Bangkok, top 5 polluted streets
Bangkok unveils the five most polluted streets
And the winner is … (drum roll) … Ratchadapisek Road. Then come Romklao Road, Rama III Road, Phahonyothin Road and Charoen Krung Road. The measurements were made from November 2012 to February 2013. In these streets of Bangkok, the PM10 level rises to 344 while over 120 the air is no longer considered healthy. About carcinogenic pollutants, the air in the Thai capital city reaches twice the limit at which it presents a danger to the health. TO sumup, when you are in Bangkok, limit your breathing

And even efforts have been made to reduce traffic congestion with the different metro systems in Bangkok or by trying to multiply vehicles not using gas like the electric tuk-tuks, the trend will be very complicated to reverse…

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