Christmas in Thailand on a volcano

I can reassure you right away, no, I’m not trying to send you to a certain death engulfed in the lava of a molten volcano. No, no, it is of course an extinct volcano in the province of Buriram that organizes every year a big festival on one of its extinct volcanos, the most important. An event that I did not attend this event, it looks fairy to believe the promotional clip (see below) .


buriram volcano festival



Buriram Volcano Festival

To make you want to go, I right away share the trailer of the 2017 edition of the festival to be held next 23 and 24 December near Buriram city.

The Volcano Festival, in fact volcanoes festival as it celebrates the 6 volcanoes of Buriram province, is held every year at Khao Kradong Forest Park, 5 kilometers from the city of Buriram .

The summit at Khao Kradong Forest Park Temple, Wat Phra Phuttabat Khao Kradong, is accessed via a long Naga staircase which for the occasion should be beautifully lit. The summit of the volcano is further away.

The highlight of Buriram Volcano festival will be the great sound and light and Khmer and Thai dances show.

The province is very marked by the Khmer culture probably has the most beautiful Khmer temple in Thailand: Phanom Rung temple, also on the top of an extinct volcano.


Visit the Phanom Rung

I deeply recommend you to visit this beautiful temple either at the time of the festival or at any time of the year.

phanom rung

This part of Thailand is often overlooked by tourists but this majestic temple is one of the most beautiful (restored) ruins of Khmer temples in the world. The festival, the Phnom Rung temple and the other beautiful Khmer temple Muang Tam are excellent reasons to visit Buriram on 23 and 24 December 2017. Or later …


Best moments to visit Buriram

In addition to this great volcano festival, there are 4 highlights in the year to visit : when the sun rises or sets in the perfect alignment of the doors of the Phanom Rung temple . It happens 4 times a year.

Phénomène solaire Phanom Rung Thailande

Four times a year, the sun is perfectly aligned through the doors of Phanom Rung
You will find in this article all the information about the Phanom Rung solar phenomenon.

If, you want to go to discover Buriram, known throughout Thailand for his football team and its circuit that will host a MotoGP Grand Prix, next year, you have all the information for that on the site on the page dedicated to Buriram.

Mike Thailandee