Chanthaburi Miracle Christmas, biggest Chirstmas festival in Thailand

I spent the night of December 24th to 25th at the “Miracle Christmas” in Chanthaburi in eastern Thailand. It is the largest Christmas festival in a buddhist country that has few of them. Here are some pictures of the event…

christmas festival chanthaburi thailand


If the festival begins each year on December 21st, it is obviously on the evening of the 24th that it is most interesting and big. The epicenter of the festivities is Chanthaburi Cathedral , the largest one in Thailand.

On the program: Christmas carols by children first then adults, interspersed with the famous 3D mapping on the facade of the church, a sound and light show which is played several times each evening.

We start with the children (almost only girls, there was only one boy;)) dressed as Santa’s elfes.

christmas in thailand chanthaburi
christmas chanthaburi thailand
Christmas in Thailand


To the right of the cathedral, you have a night market with many food and drink stalls, and light tunnels. There was also a big raffle. I won… a nail clipper 😉

feter noel in thailand

The street along the river on the bank opposite of the cathedral becomes a walking street and also hosts many stalls to eat.



Throughout the evening, the facade of the cathedral is nicely lit but it is during the “3D mapping show” that it is most beautiful.

Christmas in Chanthaburi Thailand
chanthaburi noel in thailand

The show is given several times a night. THere also is, as for the release of a hollywood movie, a teaser of a few minutes.

miracle chirstmas chanthaburi

The show lasts 15 minutes and tells the story of the birth of Jesus from the Annunciation to the visit of the Magi.

christmas thailand festival
christmas announcement thailand
thailand christmas show
thailand christmas festival
birth jesus thailand
feter noel in thailand
Christmas party in Thailand
christmas festival in thailand

On December 24th, there are 4 representations of the 3 mapping show on the facade Chanthaburi cathedral. The last one ends with a countdown to midnight followed by a fireworks (it’s the only evening of the event having a fireworks display).

celebrate christmas in thailand
fireworks christmas thailand
noel a chathaburi in thailand
celebrate christmas in thailand
miracle christmas festival thailand

I will try to publish a video of the complete show on my Youtube channel hoping that it will not be muted like the short extract that I published on Facebook.



Chanthaburi is an interesting province and a stopover that I recommend on the road to the islands of Koh Chang, Koh Kood or Koh Mak. You will find on the website a list of suggestions of places to see in Chanthaburi .

Next edition of Miracle Christmas Chanthaburi will be held 21-24 December 2020 and do not forget to consult the ” Events in Thailand ” section for the dates of upcoming festivals.

Mike Thailandee