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Thailand, 7th best country in the world to live abroad

It’s no longer a secret for anybody :Thailand is one of the most popular countries for expatriation. A new poll just confirmed by classifying the Land of Smiles 7th world’s best country to live abroad.

Bangkok Thailand

This is InterNations, the largest international network for people working and living abroad that conducted the survey. They interviewed more than 14,000 people from 195 different countries to establish their Expat Insider 2015.

Among the criteria taken into account in this survey thre is the quality of life, the ease of installation, work conditions, family life and cost of living.

Top Expat Destinations 2015 - infographic

Ecuador and Mexico top the list of favorite countries for expatriation, then come Malta and Singapore. And Luxembourg, the only European country in Top 10, then New Zealand and then Thailand.

Thailand, at the 7th rank in this classification, could have been higher in the list if the cost of school for children of expatriates were cheaper but is especially appreciated for its low cost of living, friendly locals and pleasant climate. Reasons explaining why 87% of expatriates are generally satisfied with their lives in Thailand. And I’m sure that there are some very happy expatriates among faithful readers !

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