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Destinations where Thai love to go and farang don’t know

In Thailand, there are destinations overcrowded with foreigners where Thai tourists are very rare and others where it is just the opposite. Here is a small list of places where Thais love to go and where foreigners are very rare and we don’t really understand why.


Chiang Khan, the Laotian border

This small town in Northeastenr Thailand sees every Saturday hundreds of Thai coming to shop and eat in restaurants on the banks of the Mekong and participate in one of the most important morning offerings to Buddhist monks in Thailand, on Sunday morning, before going to be back to work on the next Monday morning.

Chiang Kan

Chiang Kan

Chiang Khan thailand

Chiang Khan monks

With its street with traditional houses, its beautiful landscaped river front and Laos on the other side of the Mekong, its stunning sunsets over the river, Chiang Khan is a small town full of charm. Wat foreigners mainly remember from their sty in Chiang Khan is the monks receiving alms from the locals in the morning but the atmosphere of this city also charms the travelers.


Koh Sichang, an island near Pattaya

The small island of Koh Si Chang, is located off Si Racha just north of Pattaya. Very popular with Thais who flock there on weekends, it is often presented as a unspoiled island. And it is true that it is primarily its raw nature even if it also explains why Koh Sichang has only two true sandy beaches that charm people coming to Ko Sichang. The sea is blue and the island has some nice monuments. This is on the that Vimanmek Palace was built before it was dismantled piece by piece and reassembled in Bangkok. Rent a scooter to explore the island and you will see beautiful sceneries and spend a lovely time. In the evening, there is a wide range of restaurants awaiting you for romantic dinners or sea food or both. The only flow of koh Sichang is the container ships that spoil the view a little.

Koh sichang

Koh Sichang



Located several hours drive north of Kanchanaburi, Sangkhlaburi is another popular  destination for Thai tourists who love its mountain freshness and its charming wooden Mon bridge. There are many things to see and do in Sangkhlaburi. Temples to visit, boat tours on the lake to do, ride in the mountains, sunsets behind the bridge to observe ect … And this place is not like anywhere else in Thailand !


Sangkhlaburi bridge



Ban Krut, its long beach and its hill temple

There, again, every weekend, the normally so quiet place is invaded by Thais who often arrive in groups, spend the evening eating and palying karaoke before visiting the beautiful Wat Tang Sai Temple, perched on a hill that offers a beautiful view over the bay and its big neighbor Buddha on the flank of the hill, enjoying a break on the beach and leaving on the next day. The rest of the time, Ban Krut and its long beach with nice sunsets is very quiet ! If you rent a scooter, you can explore the surroundings, the small fishing port, the lovely Bo Thong Lang beach and why not go to Bang Saphan Yai, better known by foreign tourists…

Ban krut Thailand

Ban Krut beach from Wat Tang Sai


Ko Kret, Island Bangkok

This small island on Chao Phraya, the river that runs through the Thai capital is a real change of scenery. Because it is an island, of course, but mostly because it is still very rural with no road, only two wheels are circulating. On Ko Kret, there are wooden houses and many potters, nature, temples, making the island a pleasant place to relax away from the hubbub of Bangkok. We recommend you to rent a bicycle to discover the island. You can find all the information to go to Ko Kret HERE).

Note that if these destinations are frequented by Thais at weekends and public holidays in Thailand, the rest of the time they are almost deserted. So it’s up to you to decide if you prefer to go when Thais come or to have those destinations almost fopr your eyes only. Often prices are also higher on weekends.

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