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The province of Loei

General information about the province of Loei

Province capital: Loei
Name in Thai: เลย

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Province of region Northeastern Thailand (Isaan)

The province of Loei, located in the northeastern region of Thailand called Isan, is for me one of the most beautiful mountain destinations in Thailand. Nestled in the verdant foothills of the Phu Luang range, this unspoiled region offers picturesque landscapes, authentic culture and warm hospitality.

Loei's highlights include its spectacular national parks. Phu Kradueng, one of the most famous, is renowned for its very demanding hiking trails, its panoramic viewpoints and its unique biodiversity. Visitors can also explore Phu Ruea National Park, with its lush forests, refreshing waterfalls and cool climate all year round. The sunrises from the summits of its two parks are magical, sometimes with a sea of mist. Chiang Khan on the banks of the Mekong is a town full of charm and tradition, renowned in particular for the monks' morning offering rounds.

For an immersion in local culture, don't miss the disconcerting traditional Phi Ta Khon festival which celebrates... ghosts.

Loei's cuisine is like all Isan is specific and tasty with a wide variety of authentic dishes. Local markets are full of regional specialties, such as lap mu (minced pork salad), nam prik num (hot green chili sauce) and khao niaw (sticky rice), which offer visitors an unforgettable culinary experience. /p>

As an off-the-beaten-path destination, Loei offers an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether hiking, wildlife watching, cultural exploration or enjoying magnificent landscapes, Loei province promises great things. Better to be transported to discover it!

Destinations to visit in Loei

Chiang Khan

The small town of Chiang Khan on the Mekong with the Loas on the other side of the river does not lack of charm. This is a very popular destination among thai tourists. They usually arrive on Saturday to enjoy the sunset over the river, wlak on the river baks before going to eat and shop in Chai Khong Road, the street with the wooden houses hosting many shops selling products made in Thailand. They sleep in a guesthouse or hotel and get up at dawn to make offerings to the monks. Chiang Khan has ...


Loei City itself is not very interesting. However, it can be a nice stop in your journey in Isan (North Eastern Thailand) to spend the evening and sleep. The small night market and the restaurant at its end on the banks of the moat surrounding the park are nice places to have dinner and there are guesthouses and hotels in Loei at very good value for money.

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