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Thai sentences to celebrate Songkran

Here it is, today is April 13, the official start of Songkran celebrations in Thailand, the Buddhist New Year. And who says New Year, says wishes for the new year. Here is a small selection of Thai phrases that might be useful today and in the coming days.

songkran thailande

Rituel de Songkran au Wat Phra Kaew de bangkok

Before you go out and enjoy water fights, take a few minutes to watch this video lesson made by Mod who teaches Thai with nice video courses on Youtube and her blog. She also gives private lessons via Skype. You will learn a few sentences used during Thai Songkran festival.

Expressions in Thai to celebrate Songkran

Note that if you are a woman, you will  hae to finish your sentence with “kha” and if you are a man with “krap”.

  • Sawasdee pee maï thaï  kha / krap
    Happy thai new year !
  • Suk san wan pee maï thaï kha / krap
    Happy New Year’s day !
  • Suk san wan Songkran kha / krap
    Happy Songkran !
  • Thiao haï sanook na kha / krap
    Enjoy your holidays
    (Songkran is public holidays
  • Len Songkran haï sanook na kha / krap
    Enjoy playing Songkran !

We hope this little glossary will help you speak a little Thai for Songkran.

Otherwise, to go further in learning the language, please have a look on our Thai course videos page.

We wish a good long weekend of festivities in Thailand to all expatriates and traveler who are currently in the country !

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