Air Asia Big Sale: domestic flights in Thailand at 261 and 390 THB

Air Asia Big Sale is back and put on sale 5 million air tickets on which you only pay taxes and ancillary costs is really cheap air tickets. And obviously among these 5.000.000 of places at broken prices, there are tickets fordomestic flights in Thailand. We arrive at domestic flights in Thailand from 261 THB.

big sale domestic flight thailand
Air Asia Big Sale

This “Big Sale” started yesterday and continues until March 11, so you need to book your flight tickets for this period for flights from September 3, 2019 to May 28, 2019. Yes, as with all Air Asia Big Sales, this is for travelers who plan their trip well in advance;)

-> Booking and detailed conditions on Air Asia website


Domestic flights in Thailand from 261 THB

Let us understand, the prices below (screenshot of the site of the company), are with a hand luggage alone and without luggage in the hold. For baggage in the hold, it will be necessary to add a supplement of the order of 300 THB as for each time at Air Asia.

domestic flights thailand fares

The cheapest rates are for flights between Bangkok and Chumphon, Surat Thani or Udon Thani advertised at 261 THB each way. Otherwise, all flights to or from Bangkok are 390 THB (10 €).


Additional costs

In the booking process, you will see the price go up once your flight at the chosen promotional rate. This is “normal”, by default an extra luggage in the hold of 20 kg will be added and insurance. You can withdraw them once you have entered your last name, first name, nationality and date of birth. Be careful, if you remove the extra baggage (300 THB or more depending on the flight), you will only be entitled to one piece of cabin luggage weighing up to 7 kg.

Only by removing these options will you be able to pay exactly the prices listed above.


Flights from and to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the Air Asia company is based at Don Muang Airport, so if you have to fly with a flight arriving or taking off from Suvarnabhumi Airport, allow a margin to change airport (minimum 3:30). There is a free shuttle between Bangkok’s two airports (see the page on the shuttle bus between Bangkok airports). Otherwise, to reach downtown Bangkok from Don Muang by public transport (and vice versa), you have several possibilities:

  • the train, there is a footbridge that connects the airport to Don Muang station, it is the cheapest solution
  • shuttles buses about which I put you all the details HERE

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