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Travel by train from Saraburi to Chiang Mai

Thai trains are rarely on time. They usually leave on time from the line departure city and accumulate almost always a delay more or less important. Train is the less expensive transportation in Thailand. You can book your tickets in advance online (from 60 days before departure). For cabins for overnight trains, it is strongly advised to book in advance. For third class tickets is not necessary but know that you will not specific seat and depending of the passengers number you may not be sitting. But traveling in third class is an experience to leave for its atmosphere. Have a nice trip from Saraburi to Chiang Mai !

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Trains hotline : 1690 (only from Thailand)

Schedule of trains from Saraburi to Chiang Mai

  --> Etape 1: Saraburi - Bangkok

 Departure Depart. time Arrival Arriv. time Train n°

  --> Etape 2: Bangkok - Chiang Mai

 Departure Depart. time Arrival Arriv. time Train n°
Bangkok08:30Chiang Mai20:309Details
Bangkok14:30Chiang Mai05:10109Details
Bangkok18:00Chiang Mai06:1511Details
Bangkok18:10Chiang Mai07:451Details
Bangkok19:35Chiang Mai09:4513Details
Bangkok22:00Chiang Mai12:4551Details
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   Station Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Railway Station
Wat Ket
Tel: 053 236 094

If you are outside Thailand, you have to dial 0066 followed by the phone number indicated (without first zero).
Chiang Mai

The city is considered as the capital of the North and is very popular with thai people. Chiang Mai has a lot of charm and is much quieter than Bangkok. Not so much noise, not so much traffic density. The center town is framed with walls and lined ditches with fountains. it is very pleasant and gives a very bucolic touch to the city. The food...

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Railway company in Thailand
State Railway of Thailand 222 0175 ou 02 621 87011690

If you are outside Thailand, you have to dial 0066 followed by the phone number indicated (without first zero). Hotlines when they exist can only be called from Thailand.