Schedule train 208 from Nakhon Sawan to Bangkok

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Nakhon Sawan - Bangkok - Train number 208

Here are the details and schedule for train 208 from Nakhon Sawan to Bangkok.
If you need more information, you can contact SRT Hotline (State Railway of Thailand) by dialing 1490 (only from Thailand).

Be careful, trains are rarely on time, be sure before stepping in that it is really your train.

Train 208 schedule

Nakhon Sawan05:00
Khao Thong05:09
Noen Malok05:16
Nong Pho05:29
Hua Wai05:37
Ban Takhli05:58
Chong Khae06:12
Ban Mi06:35
Khok Kathiam06:52
Ban Pa Wai07:13
Ban Klap07:20
Nong Don07:26
Ban Mo07:34
Tha Ruea07:41
Nong Wiwat07:51
Ban Prachi Junction08:03
Bang Pa In08:42
Chiang Rak09:05
Don Muang09:24
Bang Khaen09:42
Nikhom Rod Fai Km 1109:49
Bang Sue Junction09:57
   Railway station Bangkok

Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station
Phra Rama IV
Tel: 02 222 0175
Don Muang Train Station
Si Kan, Don Mueang
Tel: 02 566 2957
Lak Si Train Station
Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si
Tel: 02 573 1394
Bang Sue Train Station
10800 Bangkok
Tel: 02 587 4613
Thon Buri Train Station
Siri Rat, Bangkok Noi
Tel: 02 222 0175

If you are outside Thailand, you have to dial 0066 followed by the phone number indicated (without first zero).
Thailand Railway company
State Railway of Thailand 222 0175 ou 02 621 87011690

If you are outside Thailand, you have to dial 0066 followed by the phone number indicated (without first zero). Hotlines when they exist can only be called from Thailand.


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