Mochit Bus Terminal - Bus station

The Bus Terminal Mochit is the largest in the country. It is also called Northern Bus Terminal because it primarily serves the cities of northern Thailand. But you will find some buses to the south or the east as well. Located not far from Chatuchak Park, it houses an impressive number of passengers each day. In addition to the company's public buses, many private companies have a window at Mochit bus and offer different levels of comfort and price. It is so huge that you need, first, a little time to find your mark.
7-Eleven is present in the terminal to buy some snacks for the trip.

More information about buses in Thailand
Public buses hotlines : 1490 (only from Thailand)

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Mochit Bus Terminal

Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road

Tel: 02 936 2852 / 02 936 2842

If you are outside Thailand, you have to dial 0066 followed by the phone number indicated (without first zero).

How to go to Mochit Bus Terminal ?

The terminal is located just behind the Chatuchak Park.
Bus 3, 26, 29, 34, 39, 49, 59, 63, 77, 96, 112, 134, 136, 145, 512 < / strong> stop not far from the bus terminal Mochit.
BTS skytrain get off at Mo Chit. In MRT down to Chatuchak Park </ strong>. Then there are several more minutes of walking (15 minutes), it is best to take a taxi, tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi (50 baht) which will take you to the finish.
Otherwise You can of course take a taxi. Ask him to start the taximeter (counter). You will probably have 45 baht for the toll booth to pay in addition to the fare. Sometimes, taxis refuse to go there but insist, you'll not necessarily find one that accepts. Take some leeway because there are often caps before entering the highway.